Well done, Ekaterina!

The 13-year-old girl from Volgograd survived a serious traffic accident in 2021 and was in a coma for several months. After that, the passionate basketball player had to relearn everything. She was confined to a wheelchair and didn’t have enough air to speak.
At the beginning of February 2023, Ekaterina came to Germany for rehabilitation thanks to a generous donation from Mr. Igor Zubkov. The eight weeks in a specialized children’s rehabilitation clinic were filled with numerous therapies, intensive training and many positive experiences and encounters for Ekaterina. As an athlete, Ekaterina was determined and disciplined and diligently pursued all therapies. Physiotherapy, ergotherapy, sports therapy, swimming, speech therapy, music therapy and much more were on her daily schedule. At the end of her stay, thanks to the excellent treatment and expertise of German doctors, Ekaterina was able to enjoy amazing progress. Now she can move independently, can walk – with the help of a walker and sometimes even without it, and can speak in full sentences, much louder and more clearly than before. The doctors see great potential in her and promise Ekaterina further successes in rehabilitation after her return to Russia. We at the St.Stylian Kinderhilfswerk children’s charity are very happy about Ekaterina’s great progress and we will continue to accompany her on her rehabilitation path if necessary.

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