First young patient from Russia on a cure in Germany

On February 9, 2023, a plane brought little Ekaterina from Volgograd with her mother to Berlin. The 13-year-old survived a serious traffic accident in 2021 and was in a coma for several months. Ekaterina has now come to Germany for rehabilitation. Treatment in a specialized clinic is financed by the St. Stylian Kinderhilfswerk DETI.RU gGmbH. Despite the difficult framework conditions, this is an example of how the interpersonal, the humanitarian endures even in times of serious conflict. It is gratifying that even the tightening of visa rules and the increasing bureaucratic hurdles could not hinder this initiative. Ekaterina and her mother feel comfortable in the clinic. The little one diligently attends the various therapies and is particularly looking forward to the costumed children’s carnival event, which is organized for the patients of the clinic. We wish Ekaterina all the best!

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